Program za elektronsko podnošenje dokumenta carini (EPD) već od 25.000 din., NCTS 19.000 din.


Osnovni paket programa "WinŠped.log 2015", koji obuhvata obradu JCI i SD, kompletne šifarnike, pravilnik za popunjavanje i carinsku tarifu samo za 25.000 din. Program za NCTS od 19.000 din. Za više informacija o paketima programa kliknite OVDE...

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"WinŠped.log 2015"

Kako je aplikacija "WinŠped.log 2015" verifikovana za elektronsko podnošenje dokumenata od strane Uprave carina, ova aplikacija je sada zamenila aplikaciju "WinŠped 2" u našoj ponudi. VIŠE...

"WinŠped.log 2015" DEMO

Demo verzija aplikacije je dostupna za preuzimanje. Za više informacija kliknite OVDE...

Kućno carinjenje

Nakon višegodišnje uspešne primene, sve više preduzeća i špedicija koristi našu aplikaciju za postupke kućnog carinjenja. Program "WinŠped 2" je jedan od prvih programa u Srbiji koji je omogućio primenu ovih postupaka!

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Six months jail for Surrey dial

A man who pleaded guilty Buy Viagra Uk Tesco to drug possession and trafficking in Surrey more than two years ago has been sentenced to six months in jail.

Sanjeel Kumar sold $80 Drostanolone Manufacturers worth of cocaine to an undercover police officer in June 2011. Once arrested, a search revealed he also had 1.8 grams of heroin in his socks, divided into 18 packets of 0.1 grams each. A further $440 worth of cocaine was found on him as well.

During the search, Kumar's cell phone rang three times and when police intercepted the calls, it was determined they were from customers looking to buy drugs.

At the Best Viagra Pills Uk time of his arrest, according to the sentencing decision posted online Thursday, Kumar was on probation for a prior drug possession offense.

Court documents say Kumar, 22, was not an addict, but a casual user of cocaine.

The Crown was seeking a nine month prison Oxandrolone For Sale sentence, while defence wanted a 12 month conditional sentence in lieu of jail time.

Justice Selwyn Romilly said that Buy Lovegra Uk while such offences are eligible for Cheap Uk Viagra For Sale conditional sentence orders Oxymetholone Dosage under certain circumstances, he didn't feel Kumar's situation fit the bill.

"In this case, there is insufficient evidence in support of an assertion that the accused has addiction problems or that there is a need for treatment," said Romilly. "The accused's involvement in the offences was purely for financial gain. In my view, this is an aggravating factor. For such individuals, courts Cheap Viagra must place primary emphasis on general deterrence."