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some schools still less equal than others

But critics of Illinois' school funding point to Chicago Public Schools as proof that the state still has problems with inequality among and within school districts.

"Funding is the new manipulation to deny equal protection under the law. They rationalize resource discrimination as a right," said the Rev. Jesse Jackson of Rainbow PUSH.

"Look at Harper High in Englewood, then Neuqua Valley High in Naperville," he said. "Or Harper and Walter Payton College Prep. The suburban and North Side schools teach pre college courses, high math, foreign languages; the other teaches at a standard far below that."

Remedy could be on the horizon in the School Funding Reform Act of 2014, introduced last month and expected to come up for a vote in the Illinois Senate next week, say the groups, who plan commemorative events on Saturday at Operation PUSH, and at an anti Buy Viagra Uk Tesco CPS rally.

Senate Bill 16, sponsored by Sen. Andrew Manar (D Bunker Hill), would enact a weighting system to take into account factors such as low income, English as second language and special education populations in funding school districts.

Thus, challenged urban and rural districts would garner more funding than wealthier ones.

"At the end of the day, we're either serious about closing the education gap, or we're not," said Robin Steans, executive director of the education reform group Advance Illinois.

"At this 60th anniversary, we're reminded there is no more critical foundation for anybody's future than a good education. Senate Bill 16 is a serious and doable effort to drive state dollars to students most in need. It would be a tragedy if we do not pass it," Steans said.

Activists said the state has dragged its feet on a 2008 lawsuit brought by the groups; they believe Illinois' funding system violates the civil rights of black and Hispanic children.

"On the one hand, Brown v. Board of Ed clearly opened doors of opportunity for many of us, myself included," said Andrea Zopp, an attorney Buy Viagra Uk and president of the Chicago Urban League.

"The sad part is we clearly have lost some ground," said Zopp, who's a member of the Chicago Board of Education. "Normally, with civil litigation like this, you would Methandienone Usa try to find a pathway to agreed resolution. The attorney general has been unable to do that. That's disappointing."

The class action suit, naming the state and the Illinois Board of Education, seeks to declare the funding system unconstitutional, claiming it violates the right to "high quality educational institutions" guaranteed under the Illinois Constitution's Buy Kamagra Uk Next Day education article.

"We feel strongly Tadalafil Powder For Sale that we have enough evidence to convince both a court of law and a court of public opinion," said Lisa Scruggs, lead attorney on the suit handled pro bono by legal powerhouse Jenner Block. "We filed this lawsuit in 2008, and it is now 2014. There have been a number of points where we've wanted to move more quickly and the other side hasn't."

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, however, denies any stalling.

"This issue has been litigated numerous times," said Madigan spokeswoman Maura Possley. "The Illinois Supreme Court has clearly Trenbolone Acetate Singapore ruled that changes in state education funding have to originate in the legislature."

PUSH will commemorate the anniversary at its Saturday morning forum, and a rally will be held at the shuttered Pope Elementary School, 1852 S. Albany.

"Education is still as separate and unequal as ever," said Jitu Brown, education organizer with the Kenwood Oakland Community Organization, and national director with the Journey for Justice Alliance, made up of groups nationwide. Department of Education over the closing of public schools and promulgation of charters in Chicago, Newark and New Orleans.

"School privatization is the new Jim Crow. Forcing failed education experiments down the throats of black and brown families is unacceptable," charged Brown.

CPS CEO Barbara Byrd Bennett agreed equal education remains a civil rights issue, but disagreed with the bleak assessment of Chicago's public schools.

"In Chicago, our children are fortunate to have talented teachers, strong principals, and communities who are invested in their success," Buy Viagra At Boots Byrd Bennett said. "As a result, Chicago's students have achieved record rates of high school graduation, college enrollment and persistence and the trends and lead indicators for the future are promising."

"They're getting ready to build a $60 million school on the North Side named after the president, when there are 140 schools that don't have a library, 120 of which are south of North Avenue," said Jackson. "No library would be unimaginable for many North Side Best Viagra Pills Uk schools.".